12 Lassani Street, Thessaloniki/Kalamaria-Greece. TK. 55134
12 Lassani Street, Thessaloniki/Kalamaria-Greece. TK. 55134


Bioresonance is a bio-feedback system therapy which can stimulate and target to boost various biological electrical patterns that are produced to restore health.

Below are some of the analysis that is examined to assist in gathering more specific data

Emotional Stress Factors
Food Sensitivities
Hormonal Profile
Nutritional Data (includes deficiencies)
Sensitivity to Allergies
Sensitivity to the Environment
Comprehensive Analysis
Chemical Toxicity
Immune Responses
Neurotransmitter status
And more

Data is gathered by holding micro-amp conductors with your hands. The body’s meridian pathways are captured and data the data is sent to the software that analyses the electric waves and validate using radioactive isotope imagine.

There is an amount of electrical current that passes through the cellular structure of the organs, tissues, glands, and systems. This will allow to gather data on the overall functioning of the body.

Once the analysis has occurred, we can recommend therapeutic plan options. Bioresonance is always combined with a Naturopathic Consultation for the best overall holistic approach to treatment.